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How To Choose The Right CouplingⅠ

Pulished on Jan. 11, 2020

The coupling type is roughly selected based on the transmitted torque, speed, allowable deviation, and so on. Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Supplier shares with you.

When selecting a standard coupling, the drum gear coupling should be based on the user requirements and working conditions, such as load capacity, speed, the relative displacement of the two shafts, buffer vibration absorption, and assembly, disassembly, repair and replacement of the vulnerable drum gear coupling And other comprehensive analysis to determine. The specific points can be considered in the order in the specific selection, the factors that should be considered when selecting the coupling.

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1. Coupling instrument characteristics of prime mover and working coupling. The types of prime movers are different. Some output power and speed are smooth, and some are even shock or vibration. This will directly affect the selection of the coupling type and is one of the first basis for selection. For a stable load, to study the development situation of the industry, you can choose rigid elastic pin coupling, otherwise, it is better to use elastic pin coupling, TL elastic sleeve pin coupling.

2. The shaft system connected by the coupling and its operation. For the mass of the coupling shaft system, a large moment of inertia, and frequent starting, variable speed or reverse rotation, you should consider using elastic pin couplings that can withstand large instantaneous overloads and can absorb vibration.

3. The speed of the working coupling is high or low. For the two-axis connection that requires a high-speed operation, the structure of the coupling should be selected to have high balance accuracy characteristics to eliminate the vibration and noise caused by centrifugal force and increase the relevant drum-shaped gear coupling. The abrasion and heat of the shaft reduce the transmission quality and service life. Among them, the diaphragm coupling is adaptable to high-speed operation.

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