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Wear-proof and Explosion-Proof of Boiler “Four Tubes”Ⅱ

Pulished on Mar. 16, 2020

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In addition, check the important parts:

1. Water-cooled wall tube. High-temperature corrosion, wear, and swelling of water-cooled wall tubes in the combustion area, corrosion and damage of manhole door tubes and coke holes in the furnace, corrosion and overheating of slag nozzle tubes, and water-cooled walls near the burner Scouring and damage of the tube.

2. Economizer tube. Check the wear and corrosion of the elbow, the wall, and the wall; Check whether the anti-wear device is deformed or falls off; Wear of the economizer's hanging pipe in contact with the lower and lower re-pipes; To see if there is any misalignment and wear.

3. Superheater tube. Check the abrasion of the contact between the low over, low rebends and the rear wall pipe, the middle wall pipe, and the front wall pipe check the communication pipe between the front wall pipe and the middle wall pipe header; check the superheater Whether there is a local smoke corridor near the pipe row against the wall; check the wear of the screen where the pinch is in contact with the pipe.

4. Reheater tube. Check the contact between the reheater tube and the economizer hanging tube for abrasion, and check the flushing of the high reheater tube at the soot blower.

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Strengthening fuel management

All boilers are designed according to the given coal quality characteristics. For the good operation of the unit, it is required that the coal and furnace properties can be coupled. Fixed boilers can only adapt to a certain range of coal quality changes. Beyond a certain range, it will inevitably bring safety and economic impact to the unit operation. Focus on the following areas:

1. Pay attention to operation analysis, promote online diagnosis technology, and improve the quality of preventive maintenance.

2. Pay attention to the operation of thermal alarms and automatic protection devices, oppose strong support, and eliminate the accident in the bud state.

3. After the accident, carefully analyze the cause of the accident in order to take targeted measures. At the same time, it is necessary to study the accident cases of other units, analyze potential unsafe factors and take corresponding measures.

4. Strengthen the management of fuel, steam, water quality, and metal welding, and do a good job of anti-wear and explosion prevention.

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