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  • 101 Short Tee
  • 101 Short Tee
  • 101 Short Tee
  • 101 Short Tee

Product Name: 101 Short Tee


Malleable Iron Pipe Clamps

Type 101 Short Tee 

90° butt joint, often used to join intermediate uprights to top rails and middle rails to end uprights on level sites.

This pipe clamp cannot be used where through tube (horizontal) has to be joined within the fitting (See pipe clamp 104).

Body Material StandardMalleable Iron, meet standard ASTM A197
ScrewStainless and Carbon Steel
Tensile Strength>=350Mpa
Size AvailableAA to E (OD size 27-60 MM)
Surface TreatmentHot Dipped Galvanized, Black, Zinc Plated & Powder Coated
Pipe Clamp SizeNominal BoreOutside Diameter

Malleable Iron Pipe Clamps are easlily identified by a type number of each design eg. 125 followed by a size code eg. D48, the latter part of which corresponds with the approximate outside diameter of the tube to be used (48.3mm=1-1/2" nominal bore in this case)Hence a 90° elbow suitable for an 1-1/2" norminal bore tube in this example would be denoted as a 125-D48.

101 Short Tee

101 Short Tee

101 Short Tee

Malleable Iron Pipe Clamps are used for a versatile, multi-purpose system. The flexibility of the system allows complex structures to be assembled in a quick and efficient manner. 

101 Short Tee

Powder Coat finishes to standard RAL colors are available on request.

101 Short Tee